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Compostable Cellulose


Derived from natural plant fibres, cellophane is biodegradable and can be composted too. The film will break down within a natural environment and will help enrich the soil in the process.


Cellulose is a long chain of sugar (glucose) molecules and is easily digested by microbes.


Scrunch up the cellophane to create air pockets. Layering any compostable material will lead to compaction and loss of oxygen. 


Various diferent enzymes, called cellulases, are known to take part in the biodegradation of cellulose. These can be categorized into endoglucanases, cellobiohydrolases and cellobiases, which act in synergy to degrade cellulose into glucose.


Harlin, A., Hannes, O., Leppänen, I., Vikman, M. Enzymatic Degradation and Pilot‑Scale Composting of Cellulose‑Based Films with Different Chemical Structures. Journal of Polymers and the Environment (2020) 28:458–470.

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